Naked Stock Price Forecast 2021-2025

The number of people interested in investment is growing, but nobody wants to lose money. That is why forecasts are popular. 

The Naked brand forecast takes place when they determine the value of the company`s shares, which is highly likely to be in the future. They tend to utilize several conventional methods like analyst consensus. This kind of NAKD stock predictions is extremely useful if you want to invest in the company. 

NAKD Price History

NAKD happens to be a company, which is based in New Zealand and manufactures swimwear and underwear. In June 2018, there was the highest closing price, and it made up 850.00. The Naked brand group stock price that was the highest in the course of 52 weeks is 3.40, while that is 466.7% above the present-day share cost. At the same time, the lowest one over the same period is 0.07, and it is 88.3% below the present-day cost. The average number during the 52-week period is 0.51.  

Naked Brand Hype Timeline

Currently, they trade the stock for 0.57. The historical hype elasticity of NAKD makes up 0.01, while the average one is -0.62. According to forecasts, the value will grow up to 0.61 or above after the following headline. When it comes to the average volatility of media hype influence, its impact on the share price happens to be more than 100%. 

According to the NAKD stock price forecast, it will grow to 1.68%, while the everyday return is -0.75% at the moment. This hype`s volatility is approximately 1069.84%, and they expect that the cost will be -0.04 after the next announcement. It was stated by the company that their past-year revenue was around 82.54 M. At the same time, the net loss made up 33.83 M.  

About Naked Brand Predictive Indicators

It is surprising how quickly some companies` prices can increase on the market, while there is no specific reason. It usually happens due to numerous institutional investors who start trading stocks forwards and backward among themselves, and they do that aggressively. In fact, a company`s price fluctuations often depend on news and press releases, and they are not usually connected with real earnings. The truth is that hype can be price momentum to individual organizations. That is why if there is not enough favorable publicity, the share price stops growing. Hence, while no immediate earnings are connected with news hype, it is necessary to pay more attention to it. If such a tendency is noticed with this company`s stocks, some things may be happening there. Use this information as NAKD predictions because it can be a great short sale opportunity. 

NAKD Stock Forecast 2021

The company share holds purchase signals not only from long-term averages but from the short-term ones as well. Thus, there is a positive NAKD stock forecast 2021. However, there is a universal sell signal from the relation between the mentioned signals because the short-term average is lower than the long-term one. If corrections go down, the support shall be from the 0.57 and 0.60 lines, as any of these levels should be a sell signal in the case of a breakdown below any of them. Volume grows as the cost increases, which is regarded as a great technical signal. Meanwhile, there were several negative signals, and they can have some impact on short-term development. According to the NAKD stock prediction 2021, though, the price will go up to 0.89 dollars by the end of the year. 

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022

This kind of market segment was not very popular globally over the past year; consequently, the stock price did not increase that much. It implies that the future price of the share will be at 0 dollars in a year in accordance with the prediction system. Consequently, the NAKD stock forecast 2022 is that your investment will worth zero next year if you invest one hundred dollars right now. That is why the company may not be a good option for inexperienced traders.   

NAKD Stock Forecast 2025

This company might not be manufacturing the best apparel in the industry, and it has lost over 30 million dollars recently. At the same time, the Naked brand has all the chances to improve their state to attract more investors. 

In fact, the organization has a fine growth perspective because the global underwear market is expected to grow more than 9 percent in the course of the following five years to exceed 326 billion dollars by 2025. In addition to that, the swimwear market should reach 27 billion dollars in yearly revenue in 2024. So, the NAKD stock forecast 2025 is quite optimistic. 

Should You Buy NAKD Stock Now

Having read the above information, you must have started wondering, – is NAKD stock a good buy? Let`s try to answer this question.

The company is doing its best to become a better business, which is able to thrive in the modern digital world. The brand is doubling down on e-commerce as the pandemic is the reason why everyone shifted to online shopping. 

NAKD benefited from the situation to raise around 50 million dollars via a secondary offering of its stock. Thanks to this, the brand received more money to finance its transformation. Meanwhile, it is still mindful of costs. For instance, NAKD is going to sell to Benton its physical stores that do not bring profit. This way, some costs will be eliminated, while management will be more focused on building an e-commerce business that should succeed. In addition to that, NAKD will pay some debts to Bendon as around 24 million dollars is connected with the business now. The brand`s balance sheet will be cleaned up by paying the debt. 

There is no doubt that the company will manage to get its business back on track and become successful again. At the same time, it is better to wait for it to get some profit considering its share`s stretched valuation. In this case, traders can enter at a good bargain opportunity. 


As you can see from this review, Naked brand is a New Zealand company, which is facing some difficulties due to Covid-19. That is why many investors regard its shares as not stable ones, and they believe that a stock like this one will not bring high returns. The NAKD share price forecast reflects it. 

However, the pandemic has brought a trend whereby unprofitable companies with poor financial metrics have retail interest, and this causes incredible share price gains within just a few weeks. 

Potential investors who cannot afford everyday price swings do not usually invest in this stock, while more experienced traders can benefit from it.