Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction 2021, 2025

Polygon (Matic) Price Prediction

The cryptocurrency market welcomed the Polygon digital asset readily, and it is now one of the top tokens worldwide. 2021 was the most successful year for this coin because it even surpassed Dogecoin. In fact, the cryptocurrency spiked almost 11,000 percent and is known as the 14th biggest coin around the globe. 

That is why many people would like to know whether they should consider the coin as an investment. Therefore, the Polygon price prediction is important information to get acquainted with. 

Polygon Overview

MATIC happens to be a native coin of a Polygon platform. The token is an ERC-20 asset that plays an important role because the major goal of the platform is to gather Ethereum-compatible blockchain to make up a multi-chain system. Thanks to this, a transaction process alters a lot so that it becomes faster and cheaper. 

MATIC obtains two significant roles in the system, the first of which is to act as a payment option for services associated with the platform. The second one is to serve as a settlement currency between individuals that operate there. If you want to obtain this token, you will have to buy it as it is a non-minable coin. 

With an intensified bullish rally, the digital asset attracted a lot of people, so the price has significantly increased. As a result, a lot of traders consider MATIC as a profitable investment. One more event, which is worth being noted, happens to be the decision of Mark Cuban to invest in the cryptocurrency. They believe that it is a milestone for the token, so MATIC price prediction is rather optimistic. Thus, it is necessary to learn what forecasts for the nearest future are. 

Polygon (Matic) Price History

The coin was launched in April 2019, and the initial price was 0.004 dollars. The token started growing immediately and reached 0.03 dollars by the end of the next month. Even though it declined to 0.01 dollars in June, the coin grew up again to 0.02 dollars in July. 

After that, the digital asset plunged to 0.01 again, and the price remained somewhat the same until mid-December. At the end of the year, Polygon cost 0.014 dollars. 

On a bearish note, the cryptocurrency kept on trading at the same price during January 2020. In February, MATIC reached 0.02 dollars, but then it decreased to 0.006 dollars in March. Later that year, the coin started recovering and rose to 0.025 dollars in May, despite all the pessimistic MATIC crypto price predictions. After that, the coin hit 0.031 dollars in August and fell to 0.012 dollars by November. The price one could see at exchanges in December was 0.017 dollars. 

Matic Price Prediction 2021

In January 2021, the token`s price was 0.0018 dollars, but the coin started rising and reached 0.043 dollars by the end of the same month. On the 12th of March, MATIC had an all-time high of 0.5 dollars and continued growing. 

However, the cryptocurrency market crashed in May, which resulted in pushing the majority of coins off the bearish trend. Polygon was one of them, and it fell from 2.45 to 1.66 dollars. The great part is that most digital assets recovered.  

On the 24th of May, the token jumped from 0.94 to 2.1 dollars, which was the highest recovery rate among all the digital assets. The result is even more impressive when considering that leading coins, like BTC, never managed to do that.  The cryptocurrency has sustained this momentum and is continually growing; consequently, MATIC price prediction is optimistic. 

According to the current trend, the coin might be trading at 1.317 dollars by the end of 2021. If the cryptocurrency succeeds in attracting more investors with its smart contracts and regular payments, the price should keep on growing. 

In this case, the token can even reach 1.8 dollars by December. At the same time, the coin may fall to 0.7 dollars if it does not reach the users. 

Matic Price Prediction 2025

If the price of the coin hits positive highs by the end of 2021, the token may start the next year with an impressive result. It means that the initial cost for 2022 may be around 1.9 dollars. At the same time, if Polygon closes this year at a low price, then the beginning of the year might turn out to be bearish. Thus, the cost can be 0.7 dollars. 

Some people state that the token`s price is tightly connected with Ethereum; consequently, it can increase to 3 dollars by the end of 2022. If there is supply pressure, the cryptocurrency may fall to 0.9 dollars. But MATIC should still cost 1.7 dollars by the end of 2022 with regular market pressures. 

According to the Polygon price prediction 2025, the positive trend should continue. There must be stable growth throughout that year, which is expected to result in an increase to 3.99 dollars. Some people even believe that the price will reach 20 dollars by 2025 if MATIC manages to preserve the current trend. 

Will Polygon Grow?

Taking into consideration the MATIC trends over the past months, they assume that the coin could hit a new high by breaking its price records. Experts are even sure that it can become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in five years. There may also be a few inbound partnerships and developments that can lead to such an increase. If MATIC is able to further operate on TPS, it may eventually help ETH holders and result in 8.9 dollars per share. To sum it up, many people are sure that there will be significant growth in the future despite possible fluctuations. 

Is It Worthy to Invest In?

Having looked at the Polygon crypto price prediction, it is possible to say that the token has all the chances to keep on growing. Even though there are various price targets when it comes to its performance, most of them are bullish. The thing is that MATIC kept on growing despite everything and even managed to recover in a short period of time, while other leading cryptocurrencies failed to do that. Hence, MATIC is regarded as a great investment option that can bring a lot of money in the nearest future.