FireDL Codes List For Firestick 2021

Downloading programs manually can be tricky and unexciting, but with the right app, you can do it fast and without problems. FireDL is an app, which can lend you a hand with distributing your files and browsing any programs.

What does FireDL do?

The program in question is a special app designated for inserting files via their codes. The program is distributed for free, and it’s easy to operate. Additionally, it is capable of transforming any link into a temporal combination of numbers for further downloading, hence you can use it for distributing your data as well. It is capable of managing data of all kind, but mostly it comes in handy when you are looking for a secure way to get movies or games. FireDL is suitable for Firestick TV, phones with Anroid OS along with Android TV Box, and even SHIELD Consoles.

How to get FireDL on Firestick?

  1. Start your TV, then head to the Firestick menu.
  2. Choose “Developer options” from the menu.
  3. Turn on the option allowing to download files from unknown sources. For safety reasons you better turn it off after getting the needed app.
  4. Exit the menu and type “downloader” in the search box of the home page; that’s the additional app you need to get FireDL.
  5. After the installation of Downloader is complete, open the application then enter this link:
  6. Downloading begins automatically; choose “install”, once it finishes.
  7. To see whether the installation has passed smoothly, check for FireDL among your installed apps.

How to put FireDL into service?

Just as you successfully installed this application you can begin downloading programs.

  • Open the app and type in the numerical combination prescribed to the program into the appeared box.
  • Choose “next”, once it unfolds into the link.
  • Wait till FireDL downloads the desirable service.
  • Press “install”. After the operation has been completed, click “done”.

The program transforms URLs into definite codes, and once you enter the code, it unfolds it back into the full link. It is done for users’ comfort as dealing with codes might seem simpler than entering full links. But the codes can expire, then you’ll have to look for a new set combination for your service of choice. We’ve gathered the current combinations below.


FireDL codes table for Firestick 2021

Desirable applicationBest FireDL Codes
MX PLAYER – Indian streaming service518809
Kodi – open source app for streaming films, videos and music along with listening to podcasts and distributing games296282
HBO Movies – video hosting platform made for HBO content680010
Freeflix HQ – versatile streaming app452090
VideoDevil – service managing adult content000001
Redbox TV – streaming service for shows as well as sport games693082
MORPH TV – application provides films in high quality from all over the world355326
NEWEST MOVIES – free streaming platform539401
STREAM! – video hosting service600000
GEO STREAMZ – streaming application by Meizu680025

FireDL code for Filelinked

Filelinked is another popular application for Firestick, which works in the same manner as FireDL. It is better-rounded and versatile, as well as more suited for those who distribute their own files. The code for installation is 67664537.

Cinema HD FireDL code

The service is used for browsing movies on Android, IOS as well as Firestick, and even personal computers. You can get it, using the code 655995.

TeaTV FireDL code

We present you with another popular platform, which may spark your interest. This is a convinient platform for streaming films and shows in HD suitable for Android and Windows. It provides a vast list of subtitles and dubbing. The combination for its insertion is 808853.

Best FireDL codes for handy programs

If video hosting services are not to your liking, you can study the programs below. They can possibly be proven useful.

  • Amaze file manager is an easy program for arranging, zipping up, and extracting your files. The active code is 300013.
  • NxtLvLTech is meant to boost the efficiency of your Fire TV Stick, and its combination is 11039868.
  • Mouse Toggle is designated for Android TV and helps you turn your remote into a functioning mouse. Its current code is 300008.
  • Digibit VPN enhances your security, as it helps to transfer or altogether hide your location. Its current code for installation is 829111.

Is it legal to use FireDL?

The program is an official legal app for file management. However, it provides means to the installation of a vast list of applications, mainly streaming services, which can be utilized for distributing pirated data. We cannot confirm the legality of all sharing material. Once you start exploring FireDL options you take full responsibility for the content you browse.

Is it safe to work with FireDL?

The program itself is completely safe. However, any files can be hidden behind the code. So in order not to find your PC or phone full of spam and viruses, you should double-check the codes and turn to the trusted vendors.

Is it safe to make use of FireDL on personal devices?

FireDl is available for both TVs and phones. The app itself is legal and verified, so it won’t damage your personal data. You won’t have problems with it if you stick to browsing well-known services by making use of the latest FireDL codes listed here.

Is it possible to use FireDL to distribute personal files?

Yes, the service in question can automatically transform any link into a combination of numbers. This way you can share your media works and podcasts for your audience to download. You can even distribute documents and ZIP files to corporates or students via this application. Just do not forget to post another combination once your code expires.