How To Delete Binance Account Permanently? Complete Guide

How To Delete Binance Account?

Binance happens to be an online exchange service, using which people can trade various digital assets, such as BTC. The platform is known for its security and quality, so why would someone want to delete the Binance account? The reasons for such a decision can differ from person to person. Reading this article, you will not only figure out why users may want to delete their accounts but how it is possible to do it as well. 

Reasons to Close Binance Account

Binance tends to update terms and conditions due to which some customers may be locked out of their accounts. This can happen because of the country of birth, as some countries restrict this kind of services. These users are not usually allowed to utilize Binance, while they may access their accounts and transfer their coins to a different hardware wallet or exchange website. 

At times, crypto-assets trends fall, which makes it tricky to trade in cryptocurrency. It can be the reason why consumers decide to close the Binance account. Although this website is one of the leading on the market, there are more services, and you can choose the platform that suits you best. 

Withdrawal issues, delays, and technical problems can also be one of the things that make people stop using the website. You can leave it if the interface is hard to navigate for you, and it is not easy for you to find what you are searching for. Some consumers disable their accounts because they are annoyed by never-ending newsletters that keep coming to their email. 

Don`t Forget to Withdraw Your Funds

If you decide to deactivate your Binance account, it is crucial not to forget to withdraw funds. For this purpose, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. The first step is to open the official website and log in to the service. 
  2. When you access your account, you need to select Funds. There you will see the Deposits and Withdrawals option.
  3.  It is necessary to choose the token you need and select Withdrawal. You should specify the amount and confirm the action with the Submit button. 
  4. The online service will send a notification to the submitted earlier email address. The title of this email must be Withdrawal Request Confirmation. 
  5. Before you proceed, you should check that it is the transaction you need. 
  6. When the transaction is confirmed, the withdrawal will occur. 

Steps to Close Binance Account 

When you withdraw your coins, it is time to figure out how to delete a Binance account:

  1. You need to visit the website and log in to the service first of all.
  2. As soon as you access it, you need to check whether the withdrawal process is complete.
  3. Then, you need to log into the account with the help of various IP addresses through a VPN.
  4. The system will be triggered thanks to this action, and you should receive a notification from Binance. 
  5. After that, you need to log in to your email and select the login notification. 
  6. In this email, you will find a link saying, “Disable Your Account,” and if you click on it, your account will be closed. 

Write for Binance Support if You Faced with Troubles

If you are facing any issues connected with Binance, then you need to contact customer support. You are free to do that in the case of any problem, let it be difficulties with disabling the Binance account or difficulties with dealing cryptocurrencies. The team of experts will assist you in any situation. You can send an email, or you can call the service`s number, which is a faster option. 


Binance is one of the leading online services around the world. Although you cannot delete your account Binance, you are allowed to close it. The main thing to remember here is to withdraw your coins before you freeze it completely. The reason is that when you decide to disable it, you should keep in mind that the action cannot be reversed. Overall, it is not a difficult thing to do, especially when there is customer support to help you.