The Boring Company Stock: Invest or Sell?

The Boring Company Stock

Many people would like to invest in Elon Musk’s business. It is not an effortless.

What is a Boring Company?

There are other companies of Elon Musk:

The problem of traffic jams in Los Angeles has caught Elon Musk’s attention. At the end of 2016, he announced his intention to solve this problem by building a tunnel system, which the Boring Company had created. At the end of June 2017, it revealed that the enterprise had begun construction of the first section of the high-speed tunnel under Los Angeles. It is using an especial boring machine called Godot. As envisioned by Musk, the completed new transport system will consist of tunnels and platforms for passengers and cars. They will move underground using electricity.

In July 2017, Musk said he had received “verbal approval” from the cabinet makes a transport corridor in other US cities: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. In December 2018, the Boring Company opened a test 1.83-kilometer tunnel under the small town of Hawthorne, near Los Angeles. Musk estimated the cost of this demonstration tunnel at $10 million, including the cost of tunneling, internal infrastructure, ventilation, lighting, and security systems. This tunnel has not intended for widespread use.

The two tunnels, about three kilometers long, which began construction in September 2019, connect the new and old buildings of the LVCC center at an estimated cost of $52.5 million. 

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has built a second high-speed tunnel under Las Vegas The Boring Company, Las Vegas, Tunnel, News, Elon Musk, Video, Long post.

The Boring Company’s tunnels will feature Tesla Model X and Tesla 3 electric cars and a 16-seat minibus based on the Model 3 platform to carry passengers. In the first phase, drivers will drive the cars; later, the system planners to be autonomous.

Whereas a walk between buildings now takes around 15 minutes, a trip through the tunnel will take less than two minutes. The capacity of the system will be over 4,000 passengers per hour.

Will There be an IPO?

IPO is Initial Public Offering; the initial issue by a enterprise of its shares; when it emerges from a start-up state and begins to exist on the public market. The enterprise issues shares and puts them on the stock exchange, and any willing investor or investment fund can buy those shares.

The IPO companies stop existing in the shadows and become public companies that present their accounts and operate with transparency.

By going public, the enterprise confirms its success. IPOs are only available to companies that have reached a certain level of development. In the summer of 2019, The Boring Company’s management authorized $120 million worth of shares to raise cash. Musk wants his projects to be profitable before the IPO. There is not the Boring Company IPO now.

Public-Private Partnership

Elon Musk’s companies would have gone bankrupt without government support. Tesla Motors, SolarCity, SpaceX, and Boring Company, which he owns, received about $4.9 billion from various state support programs. It means that public-private partnerships, in which the state often acts as a donor, are the backbone of the entrepreneur’s business empire. They still report losses. It is not the case in the US.

Boring Company Stock Price

The stock exchanges do not trade in Boring Company shares. There is not the Boring Company stock. Thus, there is no the Boring Company Stock Price. Likely, this enterprise’s shares will never go public. Assuming the shares ever go public, they would cost $25.

What is Boring Company Stock Symbol?

A Stock Symbol is a code for an asset on an exchange. It usually consists of no more than six Latin letters or numbers (or a combination thereof) and is unique to a particular stock. The Stock Symbol applies to equities most, but some bonds and indices also have them.

Abbreviated codified securities designations are necessary for several reasons:

To speed up the transfer of information. Stock Symbols were very convenient to use when they stock information transmitted by telegraph. So that the full name of the company or asset did not spell, they used a short alphabetic notation. Nowadays, the Internet is available. It allows the transmission of vast amounts of information, but the tradition remains. Writing Stock Symbols is still convenient and quick.

Stock Symbols save space when displayed in mobile applications and terminals. It is much more convenient to use three or four characters instead of the full name. Stock Symbols identify shares of specific companies on stock exchanges.

The Stock Symbol does not think to give investors any new information. It tells them what asset they are dealing with and helps avoid confusion. A well-chosen Stock Symbol says to be very important for the development of a company. Where is not the Boring Company Stock Symbol.

Boring Company Stock Alternatives

There are other Elon Musk ventures:

  • Neuralink company started in 2016. The Neuralink team is developing superpowered brain-machine interfaces for human-computer communication. The company plans to produce brain implants to help treat brain diseases.
  • PayPal is an electronic payment system. It is the first project of Elon Musk, which brought him fame and fortune.
  • SolarCity is a subsidiary of Tesla. It is one of the US leaders in the development and installation of solar energy systems. Thousands of homeowners and many private and public companies have switched to clean energy thanks to SolarCity. 
  • Starlink - Worldwide Internet. This project by Musk is one of the most anticipated for earthlings. Starlink will consist of around 12,000 satellites, which will provide cheap and fast Internet access to all corners of the planet.
  • Hyperloop. The mean of the project consists of creating a pipeline through which transport capsules will travel at speeds of up to 1200 km/h.
  • Tesla is the most famous manufacturer of electric cars; its merit is the design of the electric automobile. It can create healthy competition for its petrol-powered counterparts.
  • SpaceX is the first commercial company in history to reach into space. The purpose of creating SpaceX was to reduce the cost of flying into the cosmos, which would pave the way for the early colonization of Mars.


The average investor has no opportunity to invest in The Boring Company right now.

But their impulsive founder could change plans, take them public and drive investors crazy.