IT Staff Augmentation: How It Works

In order to increase the income of your company, you need to work on your team.  To do this, many use one of the IT Staff Augmentation outsourcing techniques.

Therefore, today we will figure out how the process of increasing the staff works.

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In some cases, companies are forced to take on a sudden load and therefore need to hire more employees.

In most of these cases, the increase will only be temporary, so in a few weeks or months the company will return to its original state after the specified accumulation period of work, so it is necessary that the investment be minimal.

Consider the main ways that will help us increase the staff.

What is needed for this?

Restoration and updating of old computer equipment

The first thing to do in such cases, especially if the growth is gradual, is to restore the old computer equipment and put it back into operation.

Typically, many computers are outdated and take time to start up, open applications, or run multiple programs at the same time, which is why they have been replaced.

However, to solve it, you can upgrade or improve them by installing other parts that are present in other older computers, such as adding more RAM, a more powerful graphics card, or replacing monitors that may have a smaller screen.  take up a lot of space.

In this case, purchasing used equipment can be an excellent alternative.

Job rotation

After the increase in the workforce, it will be important to create an effective organization that will allow these new jobs to be properly managed.

In this way, if most of the work will be done in front of the PC, it will be possible to set up a system of rotational work, in which an employee who comes to the office can do his work from any terminal in the same one, without always having to resort to the same command.

In these cases, it is important to structure the work so that each user’s profile is available regardless of the computer from which he connects, so that working documents, browsing history, and passwords are stored in the personal account.

Contribution of employees to their work team

Just as in many cases an employee is required to have a set of requirements to access a job, such as having their own car, they can be required to have their own laptop in order to be able to work.

In this case, it must be taken into account that the employee’s laptop should not store confidential company data, but should be stored on the network, where the employee can access it only while working in the office.

Using Virtual Desktops

This alternative can be very effective when there are no devices in the office, because thanks to these virtual desktops, the employee will be able to do his work remotely from his own home, since the work environment will be hosted on the network, and the employee will only need to connect using some authentication data.

Segmentation is the key

Finally, it is worth mentioning that technology is not always the only option to get out of these crises, but rather, for example, creating a segmented work organization, where some employees do the main work from the office, while others offer support outside of it, is perhaps the best  a way to optimize the company’s resources in such a situation.

In such ways, you can increase the efficiency of your company and work out a lot of business processes, and thereby attract new employees.

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